Gordon Brown about to go Psycho?

20 03 2009

Poor Gordon Brown.   On his recent visit to Washington British PM Brown gave Pres. Obama a truly touching gift – a pen set made from the timbers of a British anti-slavery vessel.  The President return the kindness by giving the PM a boxed set of 25 American movie classics.  Not exactly touching, but then the President does have other pressing matters to attend to.

Outrage in the British press ensued and just as it seemed to be dying down, the Times reports that when the PM recently sat down to view his first selection from said set – Psycho (there’s surely much we could read into that) – he was surprised to see this:

Did they realize I live in Europe?

Did they realize I live in Europe?

Another “learning experience” for the White House staff perhaps?




2 responses

20 03 2009

When you say “outrage in the british press ensued” what you mean is, outrage from the right winged paper, the daily mail, ensued. The rest of us were only outraged that Obama didn’t punch our moronic Prime minister square in the face.

21 03 2009

Fair enough, but Nile Gardiner takes it even further in a piece for The Telegraph online:

When Gordon Brown was received at the White House at the start of March he was denied a press conference as well as an official dinner and was treated in a humiliating, demeaning fashion. Brown may well be a lame duck at home, but he is still the representative of 60 million Britons and a nation that has sacrificed blood and treasure alongside America time after time. The whole affair was hugely insulting to the British people.

Source: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/nile_gardiner/blog/2009/03/19/barack_obama_treats_ireland_as_a_prince_but_britain_as_a_pauper

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